Sussex Oriental Rugs

                                                                                                   Here are some examples, before and after washing and dusting.

                                                                                                   Here are some examples, before and after washing and dusting.


We pride ourselves in offering the best specialist rug cleaning service in the UK with customers from all over the country.

We undertake the cleaning of Chinese, Indian, Turkish, Persian, Afghan, Moroccan rugs as well as machine-made rugs.
Every rug and carpet needs to be cleaned every 5 to 10 years to prolong its life.

In daily usage dust and grit goes deep into the pile of the carpet. Then, in conjunction with humidity in the air, trapped dust turns into a dryish clay which makes the wool of the carpet brittle. After a certain time, the carpet becomes like sandpaper and gets more force of friction which wears out the carpet.

Normal cleaning methods can not take this dust away, for example hovering can only provide a superficial cleaning. Our method of cleaning starts with dusting, which takes out 90 - 95% of the dust. Then we wash the carpet thoroughly. We extract the dirty water and soap residue by spin drying. We then dry the carpet in natural conditions without exposing it to unnatural heat which can cause wrinkling of the carpet. Finally, another dusting session is necessary in order to eliminate the stubborn particles that have not been removed during the first dusting. Although this is our general method, we treat each carpet individually in order to prevent damaging and possible colour run incidents.
We also offer moth proofing and freshening treatment service to those carpets with fungi in its structure that causes bad smell.



We undertake all kinds of rug repair and restoration work. These include reconstructing tears, holes, worn piles, preventing fraying of the edges and so on.

All repair work is carried out in our premises by experts. Although we first need to see the rugs to be able to give our customers
an accurate quote, in most cases we may be able to provide a general idea of the likely cost of repair by seeing a picture of the rug.
Every rug needs to be cleaned before the repair work starts.
To minimize the cost on large scale restoration of the antique rugs, we get them repaired in our workshops in Turkey.

Please email us pictures of the work needed or call to discuss bringing the rug to our workshop or if local we may be able to arrange a visit.

On acceptance of the work we will arrange for the rug to be collected and returned.